Wednesday, February 23, 2011

SINS Body Transformation Challenge

This is day one of my Body Transformation Challenge.

I have been "blog stalking" a group for a while...It's the Strong is the New Skinny site. And I have found great motivation watching and lurking about this site. Thing is... In the past month I have totally fallen of the so~called band wagon and in the process stopped working out and stopped eating healthy...HELLO TEN EXTRA UGLY POUNDS! Had it been muscle, well then I'd be sayn' come on in. It's not.

I am to post pics and specs but thought I would look around my archives and get some good pics to post. Tomorrow will be my "picture day"

For now my goals are simple. Do better, Feel Better, and Be Strong.

I am adopting the Paleo Diet for the Challenge and doing my best to stick with the CrossFit workout of the day.

So, the plan is set.


  1. best of luck in the challenge! Love the Paleo diet, it has worked miracles for me!

  2. Thanks!! I am hoping the Paleo Diet will change my life. Appreciate the words of encouragement