Thursday, February 24, 2011

Measurements and Pride

I never tell people my measurements or weight...why?

I am ashamed of how great I look? or how far I have come? or do these numbers define me?

The sad thing is that I have allowed these numbers to define me for much too long. I am not going to allow obsession to continue to make an impact in everything I do.


Weight ~ 143.6
Body Fat ~ 22.9%
Bust ~ 34
Small of waist ~ 28
Umbilicus ~ 31
Hips ~ 34 1/4
Butt ~ 38 1/2
Thigh ~ 23
Calf ~ 15
Arm ~ 11 1/2

And if I needed to describe me I wouldn't use any of the above information... I would say intense, fun~loving, caring, great mom, spontaneous to a fault, funny, dedicated, and mostly strong.

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